Young or old, sailing on a tall ship is an attainable dream. The ships are all as different as the weather and the people who sail them but the experience of life at sea on a sailing ship as a member of the crew is always rewarding and life-changing. Ask Ishmael. 

Tall Ships Portland is happy to provide here some ideas for adults who would like to go sailing. There are no prerequisites of any kind. But be forewarned: you will not return to land the same person as when you left. What 'vacation' can make that claim.

Trip ideas for adults:

February 15 to February 25 -- Florida to Cuba. We have spots for two couples to sail on board America's leading tall ship, the Oliver Hazard Perry. Sail as part of the working crew on this amazing ship and this amazing route. You and your spouse will stand watch, learn to steer the ship and set the sails, and you will get to stay up all night seeing stars as you have never seen them. $7,000 per couple which includes room and board while on ship and a private stateroom for you both. To apply for one of the cabins, call 207-619-1842 or email info@tallshipsportland.org.

June 22-25, 2018 -- Portland SchoonerFest. Spend two or three hours racing on a real schooner in Portland Harbor learning the ropes as a passenger. Tickets at Tall Ships Portland's Web site are between $45 and $60.