Jonathan Steitzer

Jonathan Steitzer comes to the board with a strong background in experiential education, sail training, and professional maritime work. He has been long involved with Hurricane Island Outward Bound since 2007, instructing and captaining trips for them, and before that worked within numerous other tall ship sail training organisations to deliver safe and effective sail training education. In addition he is a 1600 ton master, oceans rated and has a successful commercial shipping career that has taken him throughout the Pacific and into Arctic waters.

Capt. Steitzer is deeply committed to the values of sail training, and passionate about providing learning opportunities to the communities of the Maine coast. A proponent of the experiential model of education he brings both practical and operational knowledge of successful education methodologies, along with a strategic vision for how to implement structures to create repeatable achievable successes. He has sailed brigantines, brigs, full rigged ships and schooners with students and trainees. 

When he's not sailing professionally he can be found in the mountains of NH with his new wife Catherine Boysen, who is an MBA candidate at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.