ABOUT Our Mission

The mission of Tall Ships Portland is to encourage character building of youth through sail training, support education under sail and promote sail training to the public in Maine.

Tall Ships® Portland (our legal name is Sailing Ships Portland; we do business under Tall ShipsR Portland & Tall Ships® Maine) is a Maine-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit and is the first official chapter of Tall Ships® America. We provide accredited experiential education for teenagers using the power of traditional sail. We organize events such as Iberdrola USA Tall Ships Portland 2015, Tall Ships® Weekend, and Portland SchoonerFest & Regatta that allow the public to support, visit, and sail aboard tall ships. 

We measure our success by how many teenagers spend a week at sea due to our efforts. In 2015, our first year, we sent 17 teens to sea. In 2016, we sent 29 kids to sea. In 2017, we expanded to 48. In 2018, our goal is to help 100 kids get to sea. Please help us get there with your volunteer time, you contributions and your membership support.