Sail Training Policies

Sailing on a tall ship is an adventure. No two trips are alike. The crews, ships, weather, equipment and many other variables change by the hour and vary widely. Tall Ships Portland believes that learning to adjust to the variety of challenges found on sailing ships is an important learning experience. Excesses of wind, sun, rain, heat, cold, rocking motion and other conditions common on these voyages may lead to feelings of fear, euphoria, seasickness, hunger, feelings of homesickness and disappointment followed by feelings of accomplishment. Sail trainees, by signing up for these programs, agree that safety is paramount, that there is no guarantee of comfort nor that sailing trips  will begin or end on particular days or locations. Families and sail trainees agree that by working together, they can make the best of the opportunity provided by each voyage. In sum, there is no guarantee of satisfaction with life on a Tall Ships Portland sail training voyage. Life at sea is rewarding but can be hard at times.

Tall Ships Portland does not operate ships but works with U.S.C.G.-licensed sailing ships operated by licensed professional mariners with trained support crews. Ultimate responsibility for the safety of our students rests with the ship and its professional crew, not Tall Ships Portland. Tall Ships Portland makes its best efforts to find only the best ships and the best crews to deliver sail training programs. 

Just as in any outdoor program, once a trip has begun, there is rarely any turning back. Each student commits himself or herself to throwing their best into the effort. Similarly, once an individual or group has booked passage on a training voyage through Tall Ships Portland, turning back is not a practical option.  Therefore, if a group or individual decides to cancel, 80% of their fee is refundable after 90 days prior to the event, 60% after 60 days prior, 30% after 30 days prior and 0% is refundable after 15 days prior. 

If a voyage with Tall Ships Portland includes transportation to and/or from a vessel, the transportation costs to and or from the vessel will be refundable only up to the amount refunded by the third party carrier.

If Tall Ships Portland (or the ship it has selected) cancels a voyage, Tall Ships Portland will refund at least 100% of tuition and fees related to the seagoing portion of the voyage.  Transportation to and from the vessel will be refunded according to the policies of the third party carrier.

Tall Ships Portland reserves the right to select and or substitute vessels suitable for particular sail training voyages.  Should a substitute vessel be unsuitable for a person based upon medical reasons, Tall Ships Portland will refund all fees and tuition related to the vessel portion of the fee.  Any third party carrier cost will be refunded in accord with the third party carrier’s refund policy.

For any voyage, individuals and groups are encouraged to purchase travel insurance.  For voyages outside the territorial waters of the United States, individuals must purchase travel insurance that includes medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.

More policies:

-Sail trainees are required to purchase trip insurance (and provide proof of this prior to sailing).

-Trip insurance claims must be made prior to any refunds from Tall Ships Portland

-If Tall Ships Portland cancels a program, its liability for refunds is limited to the tuition expenses paid by participants (net of any refund from trip insurance) but travel expenses are non-refundable by Tall Ships Portland. Any third party carrier cost will be refunded in accord with the third party carrier’s refund policy.

-If trainee cancels within 30 days of a voyage, there will be no refund but Tall Ships Portland will make its best effort to provide another voyage opportunity at a future date at no additional cost. If a student’s berth is filled by another tuition paying student from the wait list, the original student will receive a refund minus a 20% booking fee.

-There shall be no refunds following successful sail training programs. Success is determined by Tall Ships Portland in its sole discretion. Tall Ships Portland's mission is to send youth to sea and see them return with smiles on their faces and stories on their lips.