Tall Ships Portland and the Boy Scouts' Pine Tree Council announce the formation of a new Sea Scout chapter based in Southern Maine. Girls and boys ages 14 and up are invited to join the Sea Scouts and begin to develop their seamanship and sailing skills. For more information, email us at seascoutstallshipsportland@gmail.com.

Adult Leaders of the new group are:

Steven Hayworth, Skipper

Ken Sparta, Committee Chairperson

Debra Deering, Mate

Athena Mann, Committee Member

Alex Agnew, Chartered Organization Representative

We seek adult volunteers as Mates, a Committee Member for Program and a Committee Member for Administration.

More importantly, we seek teenagers to join as Sea Scouts.

The mission is to provide year round sailing related educational opportunities and to put teenaged girls on boys on a path to becoming Quartermasters, the Sea Scouts highest honor, akin to Eagle Scout. We seek to partner with existing groups and individual families to develop great programs resulting in Sea Scouts going to sea!

FMI seascoutstallshipsportland@gmail.com