MATTY Oates - Program Director


Though he had never stepped aboard a sailboat before the age of 19, once he went to sea he never looked back. Born and raised on a farm outside Albany, NY, he first encountered the world of tall ships aboard the Clearwater in 2003, teaching environmental education to thousands of schoolkids over two years.  Since then, he's sailed nonstop on a variety of tall ships all over the United States including Lynx, Seaward, and Pride of Baltimore II, eventually heading out to the Mediterranean to sail and race as Mate aboard the iconic classic yacht Mariquita, before heading ashore in 2016.

He arrived in Maine and connected with Tall Ships Portland through pure chance, but the organization's mission resonated strongly with Matty. He believes that time spent aboard traditional sailing vessels forces us to polish all the many facets of ourselves so that, no matter your background, you come away from the experience transformed in every way.  With such a strong maritime tradition in Maine, he sees great things happening in the years to come, up and down our beautiful coastline.