Suggested Packing List for Summer Voyages

This list is suggestive; individual voyages may have different requirements and recommendations

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Waterproof bag for personal gear

2-4 T-shirts

1 lightweight wool or synthetic shirt

1 jacket of heavy fleece

1 sweater

1-2 pairs loose-fitting pants

1-2 pairs shorts

1 set long underwear

7 pairs underwear

7 pairs Socks

1 pair of sneakers

1 pair rubber boots

1 hat

Waterproof rain gear (tops and bottoms)

Bathing suit


Sleeping bag and pillow case

1 bath towel

1 swim towel

1 bar soap/facial cleanser Toothbrush/toothpaste Comb/brush


Lip balm with sunscree

Sanitary items

Prescription medications (to be held by medical officer)

Spare set of eyeglasses with strap

Water bottle

Writing journal



Camera in waterproof case or plastic bag (cell phones are OK in Airplane mode)

Waterproof watch

Flashlight or headlamp with red light capability

Book (optional since there is plenty to read on board)

Extra pair of sneakers

Sandals or water shoes (closed toed)

Sunglasses with strap

Please don't bring:

Food including candy and gum (unless pre-approved by the Captain)

Hanging jewelry, hoop earrings

Electronic devices

Cash -- you won't need it!